wenatchee valley photographer – family portraits at Linden Tree

Waaaaay back in August I got to a special photoshoot with a really neat family. On the surface they look like your ordinary happy family of 4, but what the picture doesn’t show you is the journey they went through to become that family. These photos were a celebration of finally being able to adopt their adorable little girl, their son’s sister, and becoming an official family after a long journey together. Their story is not mine to share, but trust me, it is a beautiful one!

Don’t those smiles say it all?

This was my first opportunity to explore the Linden Tree Park are from behind the lens. It’s a photographer’s dream! The water is so close and I just LOVE the boathouse. This is such a great place for family photos. There’s lots of space for kids to run off energy between shoots and something for everyone. I can’t wait for a few more shoots down here! In the meantime, I’ll just have to keep coming back to these happy kid faces to hold me over. 🙂

Look at those happy kids…love Linden Tree!

Want to see more of this photoshoot? Visit the album on my Facebook page!


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