wenatchee wedding photographer – kaeleen&kyle

chateau faire le pont winery

While Jessica&Charlie’s wedding was my first full wedding shoot, theirs weren’t the only festivities I got to be a part of in November. My husband’s cousin also celebrated a wedding, and while the ceremony was all the way in Twin Falls, ID, the reception was right back here at home in the Wenatchee Valley, where the bride grew up.

Kaeleen&Kyle’s reception took place at the Chateau Faire Le Pont Winery. While I had seen this place daily for a couple months (I work right next door), I hadn’t been inside or seen everything it has to offer. Converted from an old train platform, the winery has lots of charm to offer in wood floors and iron accents. Kaeleen&Kyle brought in some whimsical, country-influenced decor to compliment the great surroundings.

country-influenced decor at kaeleen&kyle’s reception

One thing I loved about shooting this reception was the opportunity to showcase the way that technology can be a beautiful part of any special occasion. Not only were there plenty of smartphones posting snapshots to facebook throughout the reception, but there was a special, virtual guest in attendance. The bride’s brothers are both submariners in the Navy, but one was away at A school and wasn’t able to take leave to come to the festivities. Not a problem, though. Out came the laptop and all the guests got a chance to chat with Trevor. I especially love the shot of Spencer in his uniform with his fiancee talking to his brother. One of my favorites!

laptops and iphones at kaeleen&kyle’s reception

Kaeleen&Kyle were great fun to shoot and I can tell that their marriage will be full of adventure. Thanks for letting me be a part of your event and best wishes for a happy, fruitful marriage!


want to see more of this wedding? visit Kaeleen&Kyle’s album on my facebook page: facebook.com/andmemories
want to learn more about the chateau faire le pont winery? visit their website: fairelepont.com/


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