yakima couples portrait – kamran&ryan

while visiting some family&friends on the east side of the state, we stopped in yakima and did a fun couples shoot.

kamran&ryan had been dating for just a few months at the time of these pictures, but you’d never know it. doesn’t it look like they have always been together? it was a lot of fun to be around a couple still in the fun stages of getting to know one another!

first we went down to the arboretum. it was my first time checking out the area. i’d love to do more photoshoots here! the light in that gazebo is amazing.

kamran&ryan at the arboretum

kamran&ryan at the yakima area arboretum

we also took a little venture downtown and explored some of the old architecture. there was lots to explore here, but it was a 90+ degree summer day, so we called it quits. i’m excited to go back to this area to do more!

kamran&ryan - downtown yakima

kamran&ryan in downtown yakima


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