couples portraits – tony&lelia

last saturday evening, i had the privilege to photograph lelia&tony – beautiful couple, inside&out! lelia has been one of my biggest supporters in launching this little endeavor, so i was so glad to pay her back with some great pictures.

summer is finally hitting the pnw, so we lucked out with some great weather (even the little wind that came up ended up creating some great photo ops). the three of us hit up the wwu campus to see what kind of settings there were to be had.

lelia&tony on the stair scuplture, wwu south campus, july 2011

i didn’t realize just how much i had taken for granted while going to school at western. i had always thought the different building styles made for a more mish-mash effect than the eclectic one the designers sought after, but it turns out that all of those different buildings means lots of great settings for photos. there is brick, greenery, industrial, and modern looks to be found…and i think we barely scratched the surface!

lelia&tony at wwu, july 2011

my favorite find was this concrete building, with the walls divided into quadrants. such a great backdrop for some really fun pictures.

many many thanks to lelia&tony for all of your support and for being so much fun to shoot!


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