candids photography

been sifting through the old photo archives lately while working on a project for an upcoming family reunion. in the files are some great collections i thought i’d share.

we hail from the east side of the state and while we miss it (oh, dry weather and sunshine), there is a lot to be said for what the west side has to offer.

every year we make our way to the skagit valley tulip festival, always a great opportunity for some on-the-fly photos. these are some of my favorites from 2011. someday i’d love to do a formal shoot there…so beautiful!

skagit valley tulip festival 2011

candids at the tulip festival, april 2011

another favorite (although we don’t get there nearly as often as we like) is downtown seattle. here’s a collection of candids from last may when we visited with my in-laws. i love these natural shots, especially that one in the lower right hand corner. that is pure happiness on her little face.

seattle center, may 2011

candids at the seattle center fountain, may 2011

got a favorite spot in the pnw that you love to go with your family? i’d love to go with you to capture the natural beauty.


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